Yieloon's Honey and Clover Tv Review

Rated: 9

Honey and Clover is one of the more low profile show of 2005. I hardly heard any hype or rave about it. Luckily i randomly stumble upon it on IRC and I watch all of it under a week. This is one of the best show of 2005. It is well presented and after watching it I really started to think about my own life. The humour is well presented. I found myself laughing almost as much as when i watch Azumanga Daioh or School Rumble. Show like Honey and Clover come once in a blue moon. It might seen bland from the screenshots or synopsis but its content and concepts are great. There is drama in it and on the same time it is also a comedy, it switches between them so easily that you would not even notice it. It is one of the most original anime I ever watch.

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Yieloon's School Rumble Tv Review

Rated: 9

I gotta to the humor 10/10. This is the funniest show I have watch since azumanga daioh. There is just so many pun and 1liner joke that will sent you to a big laugh.

Usually in a love comedy, we roughly know who is gonna end up with who. But here, it was a love triangle at the start, then Yakumo and Eri enter it and it become a love-hexagon.

Romantic high school comedy are done to death before. But school rumble presentation and wacky idea are so refreshing that I cant help praising it. And the parody are so funny, there are parody from initial d to matrix.

The enjoyability is 10/10 too. This is the only 2nd anime where I have watch twice after Azumanga Daioh. When your down and need something to cheer you up, this is the right anime to watch.

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Yieloon's Air Tv Review

Rated: 9

Currently, in my opinion, Air the best anime in 2005. There is like no contest at all as almost all of the 2005 series are really junk. I recommend marathoning throught the 12episode in a day. Air is no comedy like all the harem show out there. Eventhought it is a Hgame, this show is have zero fanservice or ecchie stuff or any of the hscene from the game. It is a serious drama about family/love/loneliness. I really enjoy it very much, Air is so different from the other animes out now. There is no super power hero/character in this show or any badguy/villain to kill. Plus, you really grow attach to the character and you feel the sadness/loneliness they go through.

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